Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Well, I can now safely inform you all that after much prayer and discussion, Kendra and I have decided that the time is right for us to pursue returning to vocational children's ministry. We've been talking about this and praying about it for a while, but we have only told a select few so we can have them praying through this with us. This was because I hadn't told my parents until yesterday. See, my dad is my boss and I wasn't sure how things would go.
Yesterday, Kendra and I went to lunch with my mother and we informed her of our decision. She was quite happy for us, but was not surprised. She came to the conclusion that this is what we were going to do by putting together a lot of things that really had nothing to do with us returning to ministry. We let her think they really did, but at least she had figured it out already. She even began, in December, to prepare my dad that this was probably coming.
So, yesterday, after lunch, I told my dad. He wasn't surprised, but had very little to say about the matter. Please pray for him, as today he is quite depressed. Not just about me leaving, whenever that will be, but that is part of it.
So now that they know, I can tell you all!!!! We are thrilled!! I am going to start submitting my resume to churches soon (within the week) so please be in prayer with us about God leading us in the right direction. When we went to Victory Highway 9 years ago, we knew beyond the shadow of a doubt that that is where we were supposed to be. We are trusting that God will give us the same confirmation this time around.
For those of you who know us well, you know that the last several years have been VERY rocky ones, and we thank you for your prayers. My relationship with Kendra is much stronger today than it has ever been. God has brought a lot of spiritual healing to our family and especially to my life (which I believe has been the catalyst for the growth in our family).
Please continue to pray for God's direction and timing in our search. We love you all and appreciate you all very much!

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