Saturday, November 11, 2006


Hello again friends! Today has been a great day. Today I got the opportunity to spend the entire day at home with my kids. My wife is away this weekend at her parents house (who are out of town) getting some much needed mental, physical and spiritual R&R.
I realized how much I take my family for granted. Every morning when I leave for work Lukas stands at the door and yells "Bye Daddy!!! I love you! Have a good day at work!!" over and over and over and over until I drive out of sight. Every night I come home from work and they beg me to play with them, but I always seem to have something to do that seems to be a bigger priority. How foolish am I to think that anything (besides God) can be a bigger priority than my family.
I have also realized how much I love and miss my wife. Once again, I have taken her for granted as well. She also begs for my time as I put things before her. Now that she is gone for the weekend, I realize that nothing (again except God) should be a bigger priority than her. She is truly and amazing woman. I really don't know how she manages everything she does and puts up with a husband like me. She is truly a saint. She has to be to have stayed with me for 10 years. (friends, dating, and 8 1/2 years of marriage.) I miss her smile. Her blue eyes that grab your attention as you walk into a room. I could read her like a book, if only I would take the time to look into her eyes. Instead I busy myself with the worries of the day. I love her more than I love myself, but she'd never know from my actions. That's just it. Love is more than a feeling, it is an action. It is feeling put into action. I truly am sorry for the lack of action and all of the self-centeredness that rears its ugly head. My wife's life is devoted to raising our two children, homeschooling them and being wife (and it seems all too often, mother) to me. The way she poors her heart into everything she does for our children is another great part of her beauty. To watch her teach Lukas to read, or see her snuggle with Ava to read, it truly makes me reflect on what a blessed man I am. I could ask for no better family than I have. Thank you, God for giving them to me!!
Well, here I am being all dramatic, but it is truly the way I am feeling.
Until I write again, have a great and blessed day!


Anonymous said...

Welcome to Blogger. It's addictive...just warning you!

Anonymous said...

oh - and thanks for not making me do one of those word verification things...I appreciate it. :) Those are a bother.

Krista said...

Hey Eric!! Glad to be able to keep up w/you via the web--its been forever! We definitely need to hook up in person, rather than just virtually!!

Tell the whole family I said HI!!

good morning, sunshine! said...

uh, I don't know why it said I was anonymous yesterday...because I wasn't trying to be. :)