Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Go Emmit!!! Go Emmit!!!! Go, Go, Go Emmitt!!

Hey all you Dancing with the stars fans!!! I don't know about you, but I've made my decision about the champion. Emmitt has grown the most and has just been amazing. Mario is really good, but he is just too focused on his the moves and doesn't get emotionally into it.

As far as the freestyle dance goes, Emmitt's rocked the house!!! Mario's had the old school stuff, but it wasn't nearly as enjoyable as Emmitt's. I completely disagreed with the judges comments about Mario's freestyle.

Anyway, enough about Dancing with the Stars, and on to the real world.
This week has been a crazy week as my dad and I are moving our office. We are only moving across the hall, but it is an incredible mess. It looks as if the file cabinets threw up all over the office and then a whirl wind came through. :) And, to top it all off, we thought we had until the end of the month to get the move done, then someone told us that someone else was moving into our old office on the 23rd. So that added a little stress. But wait! It's gets better. The rental lady came in to drop off our new lease (which begins December 1) and said that they needed to do work on the old space before anyone can move in and we need to be out by the weekend. So, in addition to cleaning up the mess and all of our regular work, we must quickly pack up and move!!! Joy, Joy!!!!! But, Praise God for the new space!!!! It is 200 sq. ft. bigger than the old office! Some would say 200 sq ft more to clutter up, but I won't allow that to happen!!!! (I hope.) Please pray for this move!!!
Also, I am taking H&R Block's tax course and the final is the Wed before Thanksgiving. I've missed several classes due to work, etc. and I am about 4 chapters behind the rest of the class. So I have to catch up and move the office all in the same week. Please pray that this will happen as smoothly as possible.
I hope all is well with you all! Sorry to dump my load on you all. I just needed to vent!!!!
Have a great and splendiferous day!!

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