Monday, February 12, 2007

Great Must See Movie!!!!

My wife and I went out to celebrate her birthday yesterday (Feb. 11) and we saw the best movie! It is called The Last Sin Eater. It is based on a book by Christian author Francine Rivers. The story is absolutely incredible and proclaims Jesus beautifully! It's a great movie to take friends and relatives who need Christ. It will really open doors for conversation. To learn more about the movie, click on this link: You can view the trailer there and it will make you want to see the movie.


Still Standing said...

Good to see you are back. I've not heard of this movie! Did it not get advertised?

Eric said...

It got advertised, but not heavily. Kendra saw the add in the middle of the night, if that tells you anything. It's really good though.

dan said...

We actually got some info about the movie here at church (in the mail). Haven't seen it yet, but certainly hope to very soon!

We went and saw Bridge to Terabithia this weekend and it was MARVELOUS. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good.